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Sanctuary Renewal Project Approved

One of the great strengths of Aldersgate Church is that we offer worship experiences in both contemporary and traditional styles, with two venues designed for helping people to encounter God through music, liturgy, sacraments, and the spoken word. While our contemporary services bring worship into a new generation, we are also one of the few churches in the area that still provide a traditional expression of worship in our beautiful sanctuary, tapping into the long history of Christian liturgy, hymns, and creeds.

A few years ago, we upgraded our Fellowship Hall to accommodate our 9:00am contemporary service, remodeling the space and installing the technology, lighting, and video equipment needed to minister with those here in person and watching the livestream on our web site. We are now ready to provide a similar upgrade to our wonderful sanctuary, giving this historic space new lighting, sound equipment, and technology to enhance the experience of the growing number of worshippers we are seeing at our 10:30am service.

Our Sanctuary Renewal Committee, led by Jeff Kuhn, developed a comprehensive plan that will improve the experience of those who come on Sundays and of those who watch our traditional service online. That plan includes:

  • Installing new and yet unobtrusive lighting in the chancel area, making it easier to see the worship leaders and choir.
  • Installing new LED bulbs in the chandeliers in the nave, with a new dimmer system that will enable us to set different lighting moods for different kinds of worship services in the sanctuary.
  • Upgrading the sound system, microphones, and hearing assist system, as well as moving the sound booth from the balcony to the sanctuary floor. The improvements in sound and connectivity will enable things like the Sunday sermon, the choir, cantatas, and special music to be heard more clearly.
  • Upgrading the altar area by replacing the old and worn liturgical curtains with a plastered wall, move the cross closer to the wall, and install LED lighting to match the liturgical seasons.
  • Painting the sanctuary interior, brightening the space and allowing the natural light from our beautiful windows to make everything shine.

Our Leadership Board approved this plan at the January 30 meeting and voted to move ahead with this necessary and long-anticipated project. The contract has been signed and the work will begin later this spring.

Many of you previously gave generously to the Sanctuary Renewal Fund and that amount, coupled with some money we retained from the sale of the parsonage, is helping to fund this project. While we have the estimated $240,000 available, we want to give our congregation the opportunity to invest financially in the renewal of this beautiful and historic worship space. Your donations, in addition to your regular tithing, will help us to not only fully fund the project but also have funds available for other needed capital improvements here at Aldersgate. Your generosity will provide an opportunity for our longtime members and new visitors (whom we see every week) to better hear the Word of God and experience God’s presence each Sunday in an ancient, vibrant pattern of worship.

You can give to the Sanctuary Renewal Fund by simply writing that in the memo line of your check, or you can give online using the designated category. Please direct your questions about the project to Jeff Kuhn at rjkuhn@comcast.net or you can call or text Jeff at 717-855-3071.

Thank you in advance for your generous support of this important project for the worship life of Aldersgate Church!


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